Christmas Decorations I love…

It’s that time.

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Actually, around here it was that time about a month ago.

We decorate our home for Christmas opening weekend of Rifle Season in Kentucky.  Always have.

DH goes to “deer camp” with some of his friends and we have the entire house to ourselves for 4 days in a row.



We don’t make beds.

We eat cereal for lunch and nachos for dinner.

We don’t vacuum, sweep, or clean house and we use paper products for 4 days straight.


During our 4 day “life-Vaca” we get out all our Christmas Decorations….

…all 20 boxes of them.

Yes, there is too much Christmas gear around here

…at least there used to be.

90% of them should have been “upcycled” or burned a decade ago.  When Christmas time came each year those 20 boxes of random, red and green trinkets landed on every flat surface in my home and ruined my life for approximately 6 weeks.

Can you imagine?

The entire house was adorned with Santas, Frostys, Mangers and assorted, singing, stuffed characters.  Mismatched garland. Random strands of popcorn and berries everywhere.  Red lights.  Green lights.  Purple lights.  Blue lights.  Yellow lights.  Multi-colored lights.  There was no order.  There was no coordination.  There was no rhyme or reason to what it was or where it perched.

There was no relief.

A Chaotic, Christmas-nightmare took over the entire home.  It was a cluttered, disheveled mess.  Instead of turning my home into a sweet, Christmas Wonderland it morphed into an over-stimulating, miserable, Christmas-Flea-Market.

After a week of living in the Christmas-Flea-Market I was ready to:

  1. Throw it all in the fireplace
  2. Loose my mind  or
  3. Move

A couple of years ago I sold all my random, mis-matched, arbitrary Christmas Decorations at a garage sale.  What didn’t sell went straight to Salvation Army for someone else’s enjoyment.  A-hem.

Instead of my Christmas Yard Sale….  I wanted a festive, tasteful, elegant Christmas “feel” in my home.  I wanted it to be clean.  I wanted it to be fresh.  I wanted to love it and not count down the days until it would all go away.

So, I completely over-hauled the Christmas decor.  I’m not a decorator.

I am liking my Christmas look more than I used to.  At least, I don’t want to move any more.

When I see other homes that make me gasp because of the Christmas Beauty, I have noticed a few characteristics they all have in common.

Christmas Tips I Love:


All the Decked Halls that I LOVE all this in common.

It is clean.  It is uncluttered. It is Christmas items only.  To get this same look simply remove every “decorative” item from every book shelf, table, plate rack and cabinet.  Then set out the Christmas gear.

When folks set out all of the Christmas items along side all the other trinkets, it makes me crazy.  I feel overwhelmed.  I feel cluttered.  I feel like leaving.

By adding the Christmas to what already exists all over a room forces the Christmas treasures to compete with everything else.  Not only does the onlooker not quite know what to look at, it can create chaos, clutter and a disorganized feel.

This is an easy fix.  When the boxes of Christmas decorations come out, just put all the every day decorations in the same box.  Books, pictures, lamps, plates, etc – if it’s not Christmas-y it goes away so all that remains is the Christmas treasures.

christmas 2.3


I like clean simple Christmas.  I do not have this at my home – but I am trying.  The Christmas Flea market is fading and it is getting better.

I decided to go with Christmas Trees.  I think a Christmas Tree is beautiful addition to any home.  They are organic, they’re found in nature, they’re rustic, they’re the perfect touch to Christmas-i-fy any room.

The trees are the stars.

I love decorating trees.

Have you been to a high-end craft store to see the trees they have on display?!!  Amazing.  I will never be able to afford that look, but I would love to have it!

An ordinary $10 Garden Ridge Tree can be transformed into a rockin’ designer-looking spectacle with a few touches.  Ribbons, bows, ornaments and branches can make a tree soar.  If you haven’t played with “branches” yet you are missing out on an easy way to turn a cute tree into a dazzling one.

tree Collage

“Branches” look just like a branch from a tree, only they have colorful, sparkly, sequin-y, adorable gems at the end of each ‘stem.’  You can buy these at a craft store for $5 – $10 or more per branch.


If you want to be awesome, you can get them at the Dollar Store for a Dollar.  Boo-Yah!

My trees are NOTHING compared to the incredible displays at my craft store.  I definitely have tree envy.  I’m getting better.  Instead of just lights and ornaments, I have have “branched” out with ribbons, sequins and glitter.  So fun!

I no longer hate all the Christmas decorations.  My home isn’t a yard sale.  I enjoy the Christmas madness each day it’s here.

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Merry Christmas!


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