If you want to stop going to the grocery store, want to learn how to grow your own produce, or want to raise pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits or cows, you have come to the right place!


Hi! I’m Candi.  I am so happy you stopped by.

I live in rural Kentucky with my husband and our 4 awesome children.  I am on a mission to grow, raise, process, preserve, and eat real food.  I enjoy bread-making, canning, gardening, milking and home dairying. I’m not afraid to kill a chicken, make it into bone broth or use a pressure cooker.

I’m a gardening enthusiast, cow-girl to 5 spunky bovines, pig-mommy to 17 stinky pigs and kitchen-scrap hoarder for 5 ducks & 30+ hungry chickens.  I even know how to handle a gun, drop a deer, and roast venison for dinner.  Unfortunately, I am also a very amateur photographer because there’s no one else around to take the pictures of my adventures.

The purpose of this blog is to educate, teach and encourage anyone interested in homesteading.  If you want to reclaim your food, become more self-sufficient, or go back to a simpler life, you’ll like it here.

If you aren’t yet ready to jump into homesteading yourself, but enjoy a good story you’ll probably like it here too.

This blog is not for the easily offended or the sourpuss (headless chickens, A-I visits, and King James language may occur from time to time). If you need a little lift to your day the Laugh and Be Happy page should do the trick.

Topics covered include: growing, raising, processing, preserving, and eating real food; as well as, living a simpler, more authentic, old fashioned life.  Most of all, here on my blog you’ll learn the old fashioned ways of doing things.  I’ll show you step by step how we:  slaughter chickens, milk a cow, preserve food and then some!  I’m learning everyday and am excited to show you how we do things.

Great Topics:

On this blog you’ll learn about our day to day activities and how we do all these things & more.

Whether you want to grow a couple of tomatoes in a pot, or move out to the middle of no where & be completely self-sufficient I am glad you are here.  My hope is that we may be able to help and inspire you on your journey.

Our homestead is a fun place & we are so happy you stopped by.

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