Howdy!  I’m Candi.

Welcome to TheFarmBarbie – where I take a fresh and somewhat radical approach to healthy living.

TheFarmBarbie is not your typical “healthy living” website. I am not only eating a real food diet – I am raising the foods I am eating. My personal journey to take control of my diet has transformed my family’s health and also provided a more rich, fulfilling, abundant life. Here at Thefarmbarbie, I will teach, inspire and empower you to reclaim your health with food.

My simple, step-by-step approach makes it possible for everyone to enjoy all the foods they love while gaining more nutrition, increasing energy, achieving weight loss, feeling healthier and even simplifying meal preparation.

A little fitness regimen is built-in to my adventurous lifestyle and includes: milking cows, gardening, making butter, kneading bread and chasing piglets.  If you’ve ever considered starting a little garden or getting a couple of laying hens – look no further!

If a farm is nowhere in your future, my words and life will still inspire you.  I am a believer that farms are optional but eating real foods is obtainable for all. 

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The Goal Here at TheFarmBarbie:


I don’t want you to just live or survive…. I want you to be healthy.

I want you to live long.  I want you to soar.  I want you to thrive.  I want you to radiate.

I want you to live abundantly.

I believe that God has blessed us with powerful, nourishing, healing foods that can make our bodies healthy and strong.  I believe we can give our bodies health by simply eating the right foods.  Good foods.  Whole foods.  Real Foods.

I also think we are missing out on the pleasure of food production.  I encourage and applaud all of you who want to take part in the slow process of growing your own foods.   You will reap many rewards if you do decide to take part in producing foods.  Even if you just grow a little herb or salad garden or maybe just a couple of pots on the back deck, you will get satisfaction from the work.  You will teach your family where food comes from.  You will get sunshine, fresh air and exercise.

Lastly, I want you to be in your kitchen.  Some of us are as far away from the cooking of the foods as we are growing it.  Just like gardening, I think we are missing out on a great blessing.  I want you to learn how to cook from scratch, make (nutritious) homemade baked goods and be able to take freshly picked produce and turn it into something magnificent for dinner.

My kitchen my happy place.  Scratch cooking, lard rendering, butter churning and simple meal preparation are all duties I adore.  These are not dreaded chores to me, they bring me joy, satisfaction and fill my cup.  Nothing can change my mood faster or give me more energy than an afternoon in my kitchen.

Main Focus on TheFarmBarbie:

  1. Growing food (garden) & Raising animals (meat)
  2. Living Healthy – The value of eating Real food – the importance of consuming real, local (as possible), fresh (as possible) foods.  Health benefits, digestive benefits, nutritional content, environmental benefits and benefits to your local community and farming neighbors.
  3. How to Eat real food – cooking, preserving, canning, freezing and fabulous recipes.

Yup.  That pretty much sums me up in the simplest way possible.

But it goes so much deeper than that.  There’s even more to it.

What You will Learn About Here at TheFarmBarbie:

  1. How to grow food- how to plant, grow, harvest, cure, save & store raw food from your own garden.
  2. How to raise animals – why, how, where, when, everything from housing, water, food, space, difficulty, enjoyment and even butchering.
  3. How to buy, store and save real, raw, whole foods – This includes canning, freezing, drying, curing and otherwise preserving real foods.
  4. How to cook, prepare, work with & eat real foods.  Recipes, tips, techniques & skills as well as the “whys” and “hows” behind the kitchen methods and rules.
  5. The benefits of this lifestyle – Including:
    • Health benefits of eating real foods (raw dairy, grass-fed meat, pastured pork, wild game, home grown fruits & veggies).
    • Health benefits from raising your own food (exercise, fresh air, sunshine, experience, knowledge, sustainability).
    • Environmental Benefits – home-raised veggies and meat are good for the land.  Home gardeners (like me) avoid using chemicals.  We are responsible with animal waste & repurpose it for the good of the earth.
    • Benefits for the livestock – animals who are raised humanely and in pastures are healthier, happier and make good food for us to eat.
  6. Random Country Life Events – Every once in awhile you guys get a glimpse into whatever happens to be going on in my life.   This category includes:  stories about my kids,  stories about special events I participate in, stories about gatherings on the farm or just something hilarious I wanted to tell you about.  🙂

Why You Should Read & Subscribe to TheFarmBarbie:

  1. It’s funny (LOL)
  2. You’ll get great ‘real food’ recipes with easy to follow instructions.
  3. You’ll learn the importance of feeding your body whole foods.
  4. You’ll learn how to cook real foods.
  5. You’ll learn how to grow a garden.
  6. You’ll learn more about raising rabbits, chickens, pigs and cows than you ever wanted to know.
  7. You’ll learn that it’s actually possible for someone (even you!) to raise their own food.
  8. You’ll probably be healthier (especially if you start a garden and cooking from scratch!)
  9. You’ll learn that you don’t have to move to a farm to eat real food.
  10. You’ll learn that you can be healthy, strong, well and eat platefuls of deliciousness (as long as it’s real food!).

Whether you want to grow a couple of tomatoes in a pot, or move out to the middle of no where & be completely self-sufficient I am glad you are here.  My hope is that we may be able to help and inspire you on your journey.

Our homestead is a fun place & we are so happy you stopped by.

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