Apple Festival

Last weekend we went to the Apple Festival.  We go every year.  There’s junk food, crafts, booths, friends, more food, and an antique tractor parade.


As we sat around the picnic table eating, my youngest daughter enthusiastically said, “You know what would make this even better?”

Then my oldest daughter interrupted her with, “a Cloud…… or…… Sunglasses…… or…….. Shade.”

And the little one said,  “RIDES!”

It was bright and sunny and beautiful.

What I love most about the Apple Festival is all the old fashioned things.


There’s old tractors.


Even a pink one!


Old Fashioned Crafts.  Aren’t they cute!


And, of course, lots of apples.


This is my child who gets free things everywhere she goes.  She went to the caramel apple booth to purchase a sticky, juicy treat.  When she tried to pay, she was informed that the gentleman behind her, who was walking away, had paid for her apple.

How does she do it?


We ate crap.

I mean, we ate food-like substances.

Did I mention the crinkle cut fries!  No county festival is complete without crinkle cut fries.


Before we left I had to buy 2 large bags of Kettle Corn.   It lasted approximately 3 hours.


Then we attempted to go home…… but we ended up in the Tractor Parade. Technically, we were behind the parade.  But, it felt like we were in it.


Hi Honey!  Are you having fun going 4 MPH?


Your Turn

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