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Course: Preserves

Peach Butter Recipe

Peach Butter What is peach butter? If you’ve had apple butter, then you know what peach butter is probably gonna be like.  It’s not a jelly.  It’s not
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Canned Peaches Recipe

Canned Peaches I do all sorts of fun things with peaches, but one of the must haves on those storage shelves for winter is canned peaches.  They’re simple
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Pizza Sauce Recipe

Making & Canning Homemade Pizza Sauce This pizza sauce is simple, smooth, spreadable and not complicated. Ingredients: Tomatoes Onions & Garlic Olive Oil Fresh Basil Salt Lemon Juice (for
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Peach Sorbet Recipe

Peach Sorbet   If you are in the middle of peach-season, like me, here is another great way to eat and preserve peaches. I haven’t had a child turn
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Peach Chutney Recipe

How to Make Your Own Chutney Peach Chutney is one of my favorite ways to use peaches. This chutney recipe and instructions can be made with peaches or pears.
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BBQ Sauce Recipe

Make Your Own BBQ Sauce   If you want a sweet, tangy, slightly spicy sauce – look no further.  This one is fab.  It’s thick.  It’s easy.  It
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