Food Blogging – 3 BIG Things – Whether You’re the Blogger, The Baker or The Eater

Food blogging is not my favorite.   I prefer cows & pigs.  🙂

BUUUUUT I do take pictures of food & I publish recipes for you….


I love you.

I have learned so much about food blogging & what goes on behind the scenes.

3 BIG Things About Food Blogging

Blogging out recipes is not for everyone.  Writing about gardens, cows and fencing doesn’t require the same melancholy OCD that recipe instruction does.

There is so much at stake when you publish recipes.  People are trusting your measurements to be accurate.  They are trusting your description to taste as good as it sounds (and looks).  They are putting their hard-earned veggies, meat or money (or all 3) into your advice.  It is humbling and a bit stressful.

I want the food I put on my blog to be as much a success in other kitchens as it is in mine.  I want your family to love the homemade food as much as we do.

There are all sorts of reasons for recipe fails.  I’ve made recipes from trusted websites, from beloved cookbooks and cherished friends only to have it breakdown somewhere in my kitchen.  It happens.

As I wade through the waters of food blogging and recipe instruction I have stumbled, learned and come to a point of fear and trembling whenever I post a recipe.

Here’s 3 Notable Observations/ Random Thoughts / Warnings About Food Blogging:

#1:  You Better Be Good at Details

Oh boy.  I am a great at a lot of things…… details is not one of them.  Wanna play games? Hang out? Go for a walk? Or just chat about life? – I’m your girl.

I like the big picture and I hate details.  This is why God made sure I married Mr. Detail (AKA:  DH).  He does details like nobody’s business.  He is Mr. Logistics.  I can dream big & DH can make it happen.  DH completes every tiny task from beginning to end.  He takes every project from A to Z.  He dots his “i”‘s and crosses his “t”‘s – always.  He never misses a jot or tittle.  I don’t even know what a jot is.

I am a hard worker & get things done, but don’t expect fine details from me.

I’ve learned that if you want to blog recipes you MUST be detailed.  Leaving out ingredients typically doesn’t end well.  Typing the wrong measurement (accidentally) doesn’t get good results in the kitchen either.

If you’re gonna put recipes on a blog – accurate details count.

Sooooooooo, how on earth do I have recipes on my blog if I’m not a detail girl?  Great question!

First of all, yes, I’m a disaster.  I’ve posted a cake recipe and forgot to mention the two eggs.   I’m also guilty of random typo’s that I don’t care to mention.  In order to prevent you from having failed recipes in your kitchen and stop you from hating me, my blog, and never cooking from my site again,  I have a self-inflicted rule.

Make the recipe in my kitchen following my OWN directions from the ACTUAL blog post… at least once before posting it. 

Often, I’ll make it a couple of times before I publish a recipe.

This has been my savior in my detail-neglected life.

Secondly, I am oh so very teachable.  Please, oh please feel free to tell me my recipe sucked so I can try to figure out what on earth went wrong.  Food blogging is not my main purpose on this site.  When I do post a recipe it’s for a good reason.  If it is a failure in your kitchen, I do want to help.

#2:  I Cook Differently

Fresh ground flour, home-rendered lard, raw dairy products, real smoked bacon and fresh dug potatoes don’t act the same as the stuff from the supermarket when you cook with them.

Because I know this, I usually make my recipes with my weirdo ingredients first & then make them a second time using the Kroger version.  I definitely want to know how the recipe is going to fare with “normal” ingredients.

I don’t expect my casseroles to taste like white flour and cream of mushroom soup.  I expect hearty, wheaty, health-filled garden goodness. Farm fresh, real food is my goal.  I want to put nutritionally packed organic foods in my body.  I grow most of it.  When the goal of cooking and eating is to fuel your body, the food is going to be different.

If I want to eat something to tantalize my taste buds and splurge there are certain websites/ blogs I will cook from.

When I want to not die, I cook my homegrown foods in healthy ways.  I grind flour.  I make crackers.  I churn butter.  I bake bread.

It’s different.  Yes, I have some recipes on the blog that are tremendous treats and will not deliver health nor life to your body.  🙂

Fun – Not so Healthy Recipes: 

At the same time, I have many recipes that will not only feed you well, they will heal, nourish, prevent and cure.

Great – Super Healthy Recipes: 

I don’t eat to appease my flesh.  I eat to live.  When it pleases my palate too, it is even better.

#3:  If I post a recipe there’s a reason

I don’t publish recipes to be posting recipes.  This definitely is a “homesteading” blog, not a foodie blog.  My main goal is to teach, encourage, help and support others, like me, who want to grow their own food.  The majority of my topics are going to be on

  1. Gardening (growing your own food)
  2. Livestock (raising your own meat)
  3. Preservation – canning, freezing, storing the goods
  4. And life on the farm

Part of growing/ raising your own food is preparing it for the table.  Cooking is part of the process – but it’s just a small piece.  Because of this, I probably will always include some recipes and cooking.

Recipes are not always “the tastiest way to eat something.”  Sometimes they are fresh.  Sometimes they are raw.  Sometimes they are fast.  Sometimes they are farm to table.  Sometimes they are just a decent way to eat something terrible (like turnips).  Ya’ know?

I’ve never found a turnip or sweet potato recipe that was worth eating.  But I ate them anyway.  It wasn’t necessarily a bad recipe – it was a disgusting food that can’t be helped.  These things happen.

I eat to live.  I don’t live to eat.

Food blogging is a challenge and an adventure.  Have some grace for me.  I’m learning.  I’m growing.  I’m teachable.  If you guys have any trouble or questions making any of the goods on this site let me know.  Likewise, it you love it, leave a comment.  Your feedback is valuable and welcomed!

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Love to Y’all!



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