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If You Want Your Family to Hate Eggs & 10 Great Articles About Chickens

So, this old guy comes in the pawnshop and says,  “Get chickens if you want your whole family to hate eggs.”

I laugh, because I know what he means.  We have chickens.  We have an abundance of eggs.  I have experienced his advice first hand.

big egg

Fresh eggs.  Straight from the coop.  Fluffy, feathery balls decorating your front yard.  Chickens.  We love chickens!  We love eggs!  We love them Scrambled, fried, over-easy, in a  bread-nest, hard-boiled, egg salad, deviled eggs, egg sandwiches, omelettes, eggs,  eggs, beautiful, plentiful, eggs!

So, we got chickens.  Suddenly eggs are coming out our windows and full egg cartons are overflowing on our counter-tops.  Soon, eggs became part of our every meal.  Scrambled eggs for breakfast, egg sandwiches for lunch, and egg salad for dinner.  They are healthy, they are free, and they are 80 of them in my kitchen.  Tomorrow there will be 95, because every day the hens lay another one.   And the next day, there will be 15 more.

So you eat the eggs, and you eat the eggs, and you eat the eggs,  and before you know it, you hate eggs.

We now sell our extras to friends and family so I don’t feel so pressured to use up all those lovely eggs.  I no longer serve eggs at every meal.   My family still likes eggs, although, there was a time I was perhaps overdoing it a bit.  I can see why he said, “Get chickens if you want your whole family to hate eggs.”

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