I’m a Cow Person

10 Reasons why I love my cow more than my dog:

  1. My Cow has beautiful eyes as big as oranges
  2. My Cow has Fur that feels like a teddy bear
  3. My Cow smells like fields and barns.
  4. My Cow gives me milk.
  5. My cow gives me butter.
  6. My cow gives me ice-cream.
  7. My cow gives me cream.
  8. My cow comes running whenever I am outside.
  9. My cow gives me baby cows.
  10. My cow doesn’t make my couch smell like corn chips.

Duke is the hound in the coma on my couch.

Using a pillow.

My pillows – not dog pillows.

Duke is good at sleeping, sleeping, and making things smell like corn chips.

I think our life is better with Duke around.  My husband is a happier man with Duke in his lap.  My children ADORE him.  I am even beginning to come around.

As far as dogs go, I think Duke is the best.  He doesn’t drool, slobber, or jump on people (I suppose it’s hard to jump with 6 inch legs).  He’s laid back, low maintenance and loves to snuggle.

I still like my cow better than Duke – but she can’t lay on the couch with me.

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