Living in a Construction Zone

Well………. My house is a disaster.  My blog is neglected.  My stress-levels are high.  And, don’t ask me how the garden is this year, because I have no idea.

I go out and pick vegetables or berries when I need something to eat.

I mulched the garden with a thick layer of straw.

I’m leaving the rest to God.

While my garden is surviving on its own, I am the General Contractor for the current construction project my house has morphed into.

I figured I’d show y’all what was up here on my little homestead here in Kentucky.

We have lived in our home for over 9 years.  All of the carpet, linoleum, paint, cabinets and everything else in this house is about to turn 10.

10 years is a long time for a coat of paint.

10 years is a long time for linoleum.

10 years is a long life for carpet.

10 years is an especially long time for a carpet, paint, linoleum,, and a house in general; while a family of 6 is living in it and trying to destroy it regularly.

What is left of the paint is nicked, scratched, scuffed, filthy and I’m pretty sure there are some boogers on my walls.

The molding in this house looks like someone went to war with it.

The carpet is in need of burning.

I guess, what I’m trying to say, is that we are due for a little freshening around here.

Because we have a pawnshop instead of money, we are usually broke and putting things off until “someday when we can afford it.”

We put it off as long as we possibly could…..

We have holes in our linoleum, the carpet coming apart and a fresh coat of paint is way overdue.

This is why I am now a General Contractor instead of a gardener.

Being a General Contractor is not as easy as you may think.

First, was the demo.  Cabinets out.  Stairs out.  Linoleum out.  Carpet out.  Then the tile work.  Then the skirt and stairs.  Then the floors.  After the floors are all finished the fresh coat of paint will be applied.  AND last, the new cabinets will be installed.  At some point I’ll need to have a plumber come out and reinstall all the appliances that have been disconnected during all this.

My blood pressure is rising.

Want a peek at the progress?  It’s not pretty (yet).  🙂

Here’s the stair way that is still under construction:

Because our stairs were some sort of code-breaking-criminals – the stair case was rebuilt.  This is a temporary stairway.  The new stairs will match the new floors – wood.  Yay!  

Here are my new hardwood floors.  They are sitting in the middle of my kitchen in a million boxes.  I can’t wait to see them on the ground.  

This was a living room with furniture and carpet and 4 children living in it.  Not anymore.  The guys laying the floors are not messing around.  There are 7 of them and they can read each other’s minds.  I’ve never seen a room change so fast in my life.  This morning at 8am I had carpet.

It’s gone & I say, “Good riddance!”

This is my bathroom.  The linoleum is gone & this is the new tile.  I love it.  It looks old and rustic and has character.

The flooring folks are planning to finish by this weekend.  Next week the new coat of paint will happen.  The week after that the cabinets are being installed.

You may not hear from me again until Mid August.

Hope your gardens are thriving & making you lots of food!

I’ll try to keep y’all posted on the progress around here.





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