Who is The Farm Barbie?

Hi!  I talk about the animals, the garden, the farm and good things from the kitchen around here all the time.  I don’t talk much about my life and how I ended up on this little farm.

So, in case you were wondering – Let me introduce myself.  🙂
who is

I’m Candi Johns.

I am a college graduate.  I majored in Art.  I unintentionally minored in English ‘with an emphasis on writing’ because I took so many writing classes as electives while in college.  I have always loved all things creative:  drawing, painting, writing.

When I left the university, I was certified to teach Art in grades K-12 and English in grades 6-12.

I guess I could get my certification renewed if I wanted, but I don’t.

I had a 7 year career in the IT Communications world before I fell off the face of the earth to be a mom.

I had 4 babies 6 years and watched Sesame Street for approximately 10 years straight.  Side note:   I would have had 4 more babies, be pregnant now and still watching Sesame Street if I had my way.  I love being a mom.

My husband has roots in the country and has been itching to return to some land for years.  I liked the idea of owning a farm somewhere, but was not into the idea of making that farm my personal residence.  I wanted to stay in the city & have a farm in the country to play on.

Inside I knew I needed to make my husbands “dream” come true.

In 2008 we bought 23 acres of land, built a house on it & moved to it.

I have been blessed since we made that decision.  Our lives have completely changed.  Our children are experiencing an amazing childhood because we made the “jump” to the country.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In 2011  my husband quit his job an opened his own business.  Some people would say that my husband and I opened the business.  I would say I am sleeping with the owner.

From 2009- the present I have learned more that I can mention.

Some of those things include: ( To read more on the topics below, click on the underlined words)

That’s pretty much a quick summary.  I’m just an average girl. I want to live more authentically.  I want to eat more healthy.  And I want to raise my children in truth.

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