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I live near a small town.  Just across the River from my small town there is another small town.  The other small town is Madison, IN.  Madison is a quaint, charming, old town.  When you walk the streets of Madison you feel like it is 1950.  I love it there.

I am blessed to have to go to this small town every week or so because my 4 children take music lessons there.

While they learn to play the guitar, violin and drums,  I enjoy the scenes of Madison and get in some shopping.

A. Dattilo Fruit Company is my favorite store there.  It is a small family owned store that has been in Madison, IN for over 80 years.


They have been providing the freshest, finest fruits and vegetables since 1929.  Just look at that building!

Most of their business is wholesale.  Their main business is to provide produce to  groceries, nursing/ retirement homes, hospitals,  restaurants, and other businesses that require large amounts of fresh food.  They have a very small retail selection for the folks who come to visit them  in downtown Madison.


This is the inside of their store.  It is like a time warp.


They have ancient refrigerated cases.  They have antique wooden produce displays.  They have  a cardboard box full of peanuts.  They have sports memorabilia from 1929 hanging all over the walls.

Look at that colorful selection of  fruits and vegetables.  One of the best features of Dattilos is that the food sold here is not shipped in from half-way around the world.   Much of it is even grown locally.  This of course limits what they have available.  They may not have avocado, or watermelon, or lemons.  They will have for sale what is in season.  This makes the selection ever changing, and fresh.  I like it that way.

They say at Dattilos that the only way to get fresher food is to grow it yourself.  I believe them.

Dattilos provides wholesale pricing in their retail store.  So, I can get the same price on a cantaloupe that the local retirement home who is buying 200 cantaloupes gets.  This is huge.


This was a week I bought

  • 3 (5 lb bags) Potatoes,
  • 3 Qts strawberries
  • 2 bags green bean
  • 2 bunches bananas
  • 5 tomatoes
  • 2 (3 lb) bags apples
  • 1 bag baby carrots
  • and a grapefruit.


For $17.94

Dattilo’s is wonderful.  Dattilos is amazing.

I love you Dattilos!

But,  wait, there’s more……..


They even have a cardboard box full of scoop it yourself peanuts for .50 a pound.  You can get a whole lot of peanuts for under $1 here.  My kids love this.


And, lastly………… The best kept secret of Dattilos is that little sheet of paper hanging above the refrigerated case.

It says “Weekly 4 for 5”  with a list under it.

Every week Dattilos has 4 items for sale for $5.

I usually get 4 or 5 of the “specials.”

They run this special for 2 weeks & then it changes.  Dattilos actually determines some what my family will be eating.  Since the special changes constantly, we are constantly getting a varied diet.  Because of this there are some veggies we had not really eaten before, but now we eat.  It pushes me out of my comfort zone & has us cooking and eating things out of my normal, boring routine.  It is good.  I like being shoved into cooking artichokes, sweet potatoes, and fresh eggplant.

Can you imagine how healthy my family’s diet would be if I did all my shopping at Dattilos?  Fresh fruit, fresh veggies & fresh eggs.  No artificial stuff.  No preservatives.  No yellow #5.  No antibiotics.  No funny stuff.

But I do shop at other places because I need things like:  potato chips, flour, and sugar in my life.

I hope you can find a fresh fruit stand near your town.

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