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Homemade Pie Crust Recipe

The lost art of making pie.

making pie 1

If you have been unrolling premade pie crusts, filling them and calling them pies – Mamaw would tell you that you don’t know how to make pie.

pumpkin pie 15

I make all my pie crusts from scratch.  They are real food.  They are made with my hands.  They are art.  They are wonderful (most of the time).

Please go here to see step-by-step instructions with pictures on the lost art of making pie.  🙂

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Homemade Pie Crust
This pie crust is tender, buttery and flakey. It's better, healthier and freezes beautifully. Make a double batch and shove the extras in the freezer for future pies.
pie crusts
pie crusts
Recipe Notes

Begin by softening some butter & coconut oil.  Do not melt it – just soften it enough to work in the flour. Add 3 cups of flour right on top of the butter & coconut oil mixture.  Sprinkle the salt on top of the flour. Using a large fork or pastry cutter begin working the flour into the fat.  This will take a few minutes.

You will know it is done when everything is in tiny crumbles and there are no large chunks of fat left.  It should look like flour covered bits of dough.  If your bits of dough don’t look frosted in flour you can sprinkle a little more flour on them. Do no over mix.  Once you have small bits covered in flour – STOP smashing, stirring, combining.

Scramble an egg  & pour it over your dough.  Give it a slight stir (you will still see egg everywhere – just spread it around). Do not over mix.  Add a tbsp of vinegar – again stir just enough to get it to splash around all the dough.

Last, use your giant fork (or pastry cutter) to stir in 5 Tbsp of very, cold water.

You must touch the dough at this point to see if it will, “roll.”  As you pull on it it should stay together. If your pie crust dough is falling apart, not staying unified and bits of your crust are falling onto the counter as you move it in your hands – it needs more water.  Continue adding ice water 1 tbsp at a time until your dough sticks together.

When it comes together, gently form into 3-4 disks (do not knead the dough, you want bits of fat and unevenness).

All that’s left to do is roll it out,  fill it and bake!

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