Refinishing Wood Boxes

I found these wood boxes at an antique mall.  I liked them.


They were super affordable, and the price included dirt, spiders & cobwebs.

First, I de-cobwebbed them.


Then, I went over them with a sanding block.


I painted them with a coat of poly.  The boxes were a nice color.  Well, actually they were 2 colors.  Some of them were very natural.  The others were a bit darker, but nice.  I put clear satin on them all.



I let them dry for a couple days.  They quickly found homes.

When you offer a stack of cute wood boxes to people, everyone wants 5.   They are now everywhere.


Some of them are being used to keep my son’s desk organized.


Some of them are helping in the garden.


Some of them are holding cows.

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