We have many farm animals.  The cat’s don’t get much press.  I thought I’d introduce y’all to the favorite kitty on this farm.  DSC00583

This is Sophie.  She is my husband’s cat.  She is not like most cats, at least not most of the cats my husband has ever met.

My husband is allergic to 2 things:  cats and horses.  When I said “I do” I was also saying “I don’t” to cats and horses.  I love cats.  I always have loved cats.  My husband breaks out in rashes, hives, and can’t breathe normally around cats and horses.

Then came Sophie.  She showed up when she was 2 years old, pregnant and weighed only 5 pounds.   We let her have her babies in our home and something amazing happened.  DH (my husband) didn’t break out.  His eyes didn’t water.  His nose didn’t run.  His skin didn’t rash-out.  He couldn’t even tell there was a cat in the house.

Somehow, he has had an allergic reaction to every other cat he has ever met, but not Sophie.  We have 2 cats living here that are Sophie’s children.  They live outside.  If they happen to break in to the house, DH knows it before we do.  He is itching, snorting, and telling the kids to find the cat & get it out.

But not Sophie.  She lives in the house.  She sleeps in our bed.  She follows the children around and keeps everyone in-line.  She is a miracle.


Not only is DH not allergic to Sophie,  he is her person.  She has claimed him.  She follows him around.  She sleeps on his chest.  She sits in his lap.

Sophie was a gift to our family.  She came to us from the woods.  I think God wanted us to have a cat.  So, He sent her.


This is Sophie taking a bath.


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