Super Duper Easy Chococate Ice Cream

Note:  This ice-cream tastes great and only takes 3 minutes to make; however, it does not keep well.  It is perfect if you want ice-cream or a malt today.


I can hardly believe it myself.

I’ve been making icecream for a long time.  I’ve been perfecting ice-cream for a little over a year.  We have a sweet, milk-cow named Faith.  She is a Jersey, so you could call her a cream-cow instead of a milk-cow.  We have lots of cream.  That means I get lots of practice at making ice-cream.

I have always used the traditional method:

  1. Cook the ice-cream/ custard mixture on the stove.
  2. Refrigerate to get it chilled.
  3. Put in ice-cream freezer (the electric thing that spins around).  From here begin the process with spinning, cramming ice around it, and adding salt.  Then more spinning, cramming ice around it, and adding salt.  After that there’s more spinning, cramming ice around it, and adding more salt.   Do that for 45 more minutes.  Or until it stops spinning.
  4. Transfer to freezer to firm up.
  5. Enjoy!

The traditional method above makes the best ice-cream for long term use and keeps perfectly.  I wanted a fast way to make a batch of ice-cream.

I found the recipe for no cook, no churn ice cream here.

It is great, easy, simple but, it was not chocolate.  I wanted chocolate.  We are malt fanatics around here & to get the perfect malt (at least what my family considers the perfect malt) you must begin with chocolate ice-cream.

Our chocolate malt problem equates to 5 quarts of chocolate ice-cream lasting 1 week.  There are 6 of us and if one person wants a malt – everyone thinks they should have one too.

My husband says our children are like a pack of jackals.  If one decides he or she wants something, like….. let’s say….. an apple…….  suddenly everyone in the room is clamoring, requesting, claiming, and even charging the fruit bowl for an apple.  Now, those apples have been there all day.  All week even.  But, it takes 1 person munching on to trigger the sudden, boisterous “jackal effect.”

Anyway, we like malts.  Here’s how to get ice-cream fast:


Start with some cream.


Put 4 cups of whole cream into your mixer.  I have a Bosch Universal Mixer.  I bought it over 10 years ago.  It is wonderful.


Now, turn your mixer on high and let ‘er rip.  Stop just before you have stiff peaks, which was exactly 65 seconds in my Bosch mixer.

It will look like this.  The cream is nice and thick.


Add 1 cup of powdered sugar.  I have made this recipe several times using different sugars.  Powdered sugar results in a much lighter, more scoop-able ice-cream after it freezes.

In it goes.


Now add 3/4 Cup of cocoa powder.


Turn the mixer on high for 20 seconds – just long enough to combine the powdered sugar and the cocoa powder into the whipped cream.  Be careful not to over mix.  I did.  Over mix, that is.  I got chocolate flavored butter.  Which we ate with spoons.  Chocolate butter is good.  But we are attempting to make ice-cream today – so try not to over whip it.


See how thick it is.  Just transfer this mixture into your ice-cream containers, top with lids & pop into the freezer.

SO Easy!  So Fast.  This will take you approximately 3 minutes from start until you get the containers in the freezer.  It will take you longer to clean up (a lot longer) than it did to make 2 Quarts of ice cream.

In less than 4 hours you will have ice-cream perfect for making chocolate malts!

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