Who is Farm Barbie and Where Did She Come From?

Howdy!  I’m Candi.  First, I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ.   Second, I am wife to Mark.  Third, I am a mommy.


I am a college graduate.

I used to be a certified teacher.  I guess I could get my certification renewed if I wanted, but I don’t.

I had a 7 year career in the IT Communications world before I fell off the face of the earth to be a mom.

I had 4 babies in about 6 years and watched Sesame Street for approximately 10 years straight.

Side note:   I would have had 4 more babies, be pregnant now and still watching Sesame Street if I had my way.  I love nothing more than being a mom.

In 2008 we bought 23 (just under 24, actually) acres of land in Kentucky, built a house on it & moved to it.

In 2011  my husband quit his job an opened his own business.  Some people would say that my husband and I opened the business.  I would say I am sleeping with the owner.  To see our business go here.

From 2009- the present I have learned more that I can mention.  Some of those things include how to:

  • pull ticks of children, dogs, cows, and myself without passing out.

  • not scream and run every time something comes buzzing around my head.

  • slaughter a chicken.

  • make butter.

  • render lard.

  • shoot a deer.

  •  cook venison so it is something you would want to eat.

  • milk a cow by hand.

  • milk a cow with an electric milk pump.

  • kill vegetables in the garden.

  • grow vegetables in the garden.

  • kill more vegetables in the garden.

  • Ride a 4-wheeler

  • Shoot a pistol.

  • shoot a shot gun.

  • shoot a revolver.

  • shoot a rifle.

  • Shoot a muzzle-loader.

  • Know the difference between a pistol, shotgun, revolver, rifle and muzzle-loader.

And sooooo much more!

Come join me and learn the old fashioned ways of life.  By email (here) On Facebook (here) Via Twitter (here).

That’s pretty much a quick summary of me.  I’m just an average girl. I want to live more authentically.  I want to eat more healthy.  And I want to raise my children in truth.



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