“The Farm Barbie”  seriously?

Most of us don’t get to pick our names.  Most of the time, we don’t get to pick our nicknames either.   I did not name myself.  I also did not nickname myself.

My real name is Candi.  It is not much better.

The first person to call me “Barbie” was Mamaw.

mamaw 1

She is one of my best friends.  She likes to let me know that if I keep consuming food at my current rate, in 10 years,  I will no longer look “like a barbie doll.”    I would like to add that I am FAR from looking like a barbie doll.  This is just what Mamaw says if you weigh less than 200 pounds.

The second person to call me a  Barbie was another one of my best friends.  She has never met Mamaw.  Her sister has the same name as me.  So, when her children say, “Mom, Candi is on the phone” or “Candi is coming over”  she says, “which one?”  There are (2) Candi’s in their life.  To make sure everyone knows which Candi is being spoken about.  They have renamed us both.  The said “Candi” is either:

  1.  Her sister


  1.  Farm Barbie (that’s me)

So, unknown to me,  I have been “Farm Barbie” for many years.  They just told me recently of my identity with much hesitation.  They didn’t want to offend me.

I wasn’t offended.  I laughed.

Apart from the ridiculous nickname, I try to regularly send out love, laughs and useful, old-fashioned life-skills.

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Candi…….. The Farm Barbie