No, You Can’t Strain Milk with a Coffee Filter – in Case You were Wondering

No, You Can’t Strain Milk with a Coffee Filter.


Ugh and ugh again.
milk strain 5

I have the most fabulous milk strainer. Go here to see it.  It fits in a small mouth jar.  It fits in a large mouth jar.

If you don’t have one I don’t know how you live.

I have owned this miraculous piece of kitchen equipment for 4 years.  It has been perfectly straining everything in this home for 4 years.

milk strain 1

I have managed to NOT LOOSE the center piece of the strainer for 4 years.

This in itself is pretty much a miracle.  I am good at loosing things.

I also have 4 children who are good at loosing things.

I also have 2 children who regularly “help” with the dish unloading.

This means that every time something is “unloaded” it gets a new home.  Nothing ever goes back to the same cabinet, drawer, shelf or location twice. Ever.

Which means that every time I need a specific tool like a vegetable peeler, garlic mincer, processing wand or milk strainer, it will be in a new location.  We play find-the-kitchen-utensil on a daily basis around here.

Good times.

milk strain 1

So, the tiny, little, circular center piece to this fabulous, stainless-steel strainer has been the subject of the Find-the-kitchen-utensil game approximately 1,899 times in the past 4 years.

This week we finally lost it.

Ugh.  Ugh.  Ugh.

Try straining milk without the center piece to your strainer.


So, I wandered off to some other blogs that I love and follow to find out a DIY method for straining milk when your small children have lost the center piece to your strainer.

Use a coffee filter.  That’s what it said.  Use a cone shaped coffee thingy and stick a coffee filter into it and pour your milk right through the coffee filter.


If any of you out there have been straining your milk through coffee filters you are inflicting unneeded, unnecessary, time-consuming, frustrating pain and suffering on your own life.

Good grief.

If I did have 2 hours to watch my milk strain through the coffee filter and pour it in little by little, I still wouldn’t want to spend my morning doing it.  I’m pretty sure I would have sold all the cows 3 years ago if someone made me strain my milk with a coffee filter.

Girls and boys – come to the light!  Choose life!

milk strain 2

Get a milk strainer and some milk filters.  They cost about $3 for 1000 and they will strain your milk in 24 seconds.  Yes, seconds.  My milk flys through my strainer in no time.  Straining milk should not be a “chore” on your farm list.  Straining the milk is soooooooo easy with the correct filters & equipment.

But, mine is gone.


so I am sloooowly banging my head against a wall straining milk with coffee filters.

milk strain 3

I ordered 2 more center pieces for my awesome strainer because I am never going to try to strain milk again through a coffee filter.  Ugh.  Now that I think about it, maybe I should have ordered a half-dozen.

And, I am counting down the days until their arrival.

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Happy Milking!


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