It’s days like this that I want to stop blogging.

I love to write.  I love to share my life.  I love learning and teaching others what I have learned along the way.  But I wish could somehow tell the world about the wonders of homesteading and skip the sad parts.  Unfortunately, the sad parts come along with the deal.

Ping died in his sleep last night.

duck Collage

As I write this I am trying to figure out what to say to my daughter when she wakes up.

If you haven’t visited my Facebook page, I’ll recap briefly.

ping sad

While we were on a beach last week there was an attack on our poultry.  Either this predator likes ducks or ducks are just easier to catch than chickens.  Maybe both.  Anyhow, he ate most of our ducks.  Ping got away with some bad injuries to his head.  We isolated him, loved him, bathed him, medicated him and let him sleep in the garage at night with the cats so he could recuperate.

ping sad 2

We thought Ping would pull through.  His head was looking better and healing.  He had an infection in one eye that we were treating.  I guess the injuries were deeper and more serious than anyone knew.

This morning I went to the garage to take Ping out to his new crib.  That’s when I realized he had died.  He just tucked his head under his wing, went to sleep and decided not to wake up.

He will definitely be missed.




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